Hi! I'm Aaron! 🎉

I recorded an entire album in a single day!

Recording music is so fun!I bought an inexpensive microphone and audio interface a little while ago, I've got some instruments (like a ukelele and cajon) lying around, and most importantly, I've got my voice!I wanted to see if I could produce an entire album from start to finish in a single day, so I took a day off work, set my phone to airplane mode, and started recording!I had a vague list of tracks I wanted to lay down, but the instrumentation and arrangements were all made on the fly. The result is a mishmash of songs my mom would sing to me, video game theme music, and covers from some of my favorite musicians of all time. I even snuck in an original tune! 😉I hope you enjoy listening to the album - it was made in a frenzy of love, and I'm sure you'll be able to hear it loud and clear on every track!

The stuff in this picture is all I needed to make the entire album, so I made it the cover artwork!I also recorded a couple videos of the process and stitched them together. It was a wild ride! 😋

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